We Invite You to Join the Farmers For The Hungry $10,000 Challenge

In some past years, HCM Board of Director’s member, Dave Duffield, along with his granddaughter, Layla, celebrated his birthday, September 15, by providing and serving cakes to residents at the Huntington City Mission.  This year due to the pandemic, Dave chose to celebrate, instead, by donating $5,000 to the Mission with this Challenge: to match all other combined donations in total up to that $5000 to raise funding for the Mission’s Farmers for the Hungry Program. This week, Chris Miller heard of this effort and asked to join in with Dave. Now, Chris and Dave’s combined $10,000 will challenge all other combined donations up to 10k for The Farmers for the Hungry Program. With this combined effort, we will raise $20,000 by using knowledge of Tax Law for the Farmers for The Hungry Program. Due to this combined Tax effect, we will, thus, reach our GOAL: over $73,000 worth of food raised to feed people in need.

The Farmers for the Hungry Program utilizes West Virginia’s Farm to Foodbank Tax Credits, plus Farmer’s Tax Deductions plus the HCM’s Mirco Grants to the Farmer to make it feasible for Farmers to donate fresh meat and produce to the Mission and receive full payment for their goods. Although only recently implemented, several farmers have already joined the Program and donated several thousand dollars of inventory, which consists of 4,811 lbs. of beef which will provide nearly 24 thousand meals.

In recent months, the number of meals HCM served has steadily increased. The last three months are the top three months on record averaging over 17,000 meals per month.

Dave’s granddaughter Layla says “This year, please help my Papaw to raise money to feed hungry people, including kids like me at the Huntington City Mission.”

Please join Dave and Chris to donate any amount you choose to participate in “The $10,000 Challenge”. You can give online at https://huntingtoncitymission.kindful.com/, or mail a check to P.O. Box 3 Huntington WV 25706, or drop off your donation at the mission, 624 10th St. Please designate “$10,000 Challenge” when donating.

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Donation from Tri-State Addiction Recovery Resources

Thank you, Rocky Meadows and Tri-State Addiction Recovery Resources, for your generous donation to the Huntington City Mission’s Farmers for the Hungry Program.

The Farmers for the Hungry program is a Program created by the Huntington City Mission’s Board Member, Dave Duffield, who is the Chairperson of the Program Committee.

In 2020, the Huntington City Mission (HCM) and its Board of Directors got behind this novel Program and formalized the Farmers for the Hungry Program. This creative Program utilizes WV’s Farm to Foodbank Tax Credit (currently a 30% tax credit of the amount donated) along with Federal Tax Deduction added to the novel idea of a Micro Grant in this 3 step reimbursement to the Farmers. This “Break Even” result provides a farmer the exact same
amount of net income that the farmer would receive selling the same goods on the open market. This Micro Grant, Federal Deduction and State Tax Credit makes it feasible for farmers to donate food to the Mission on a regular and sustainable basis. The initial goal seeks to eliminate over $100,000 from the Huntington City Mission’s annual food budget and, feeding tens of thousands of people into the future. The Huntington City Mission has recently received
donated beef and pork from local farmers and has begun to receive fresh vegetables from the Wayne County Farmers. Although recently implemented, several farmers have already formally joined the Program and donated several thousand dollars of inventory which is already feeding

Since 2018 the number of meals served by HCM has increased substantially and is on track to reach 164,000 this year, a 20% increase from 2020 and a 50% increase from 2018. Many places that were serving meals to the community have closed due to COVID-19, while the Huntington City Mission has not missed even one meal. HCM serves 3 meals a day, Monday through Friday, and two on Saturday and Sunday. The meals are served free of charge to anyone that shows up. More than 60% of all the meals served this year have been for the outside community, while the rest were consumed by people living at the mission. With, this programs donations, and help from others, like Facing Hunger Food Bank, the Huntington City Mission has been able to sustain these services to the community without missing even one meal. With this help, the Mission has not only continued to feed the community, but the quality
of the meals and nutritional value have greatly improved.

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