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With your help, the Huntington City Mission can provide much-needed HOPE to the most vulnerable in the Huntington, WV, area. Won’t you join us?

The Huntington City Mission is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization established to help meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those who are homeless, or at risk of being homeless, in our community.

Our History

The Mission was founded in 1939 as a “soup kitchen” for homeless men. Eighty years later, we are still providing the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, education, and case management programs, not only to homeless men but also to homeless women and families and to low-income community residents.

The Huntington City Mission is the only full-service shelter in a 50-mile radius of Huntington, WV. Daily, the Huntington City Mission provides shelter for an average of 143 individuals, including an average of 40 children between the ages of birth to 18.

We help the homeless find work, teach them how to sustain jobs, budget their money and find permanent housing. The Huntington City Mission is one of the oldest non-profit, charitable institutions in Huntington. The Mission is governed by a Board of Directors composed of local business men and women.

The Mission’s shelters are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Core Values

To carry out its mission, the Huntington City Mission is dedicated to the core values of offering H.O.P.E.:

Higher Purpose – We believe we are called to a higher purpose to empower people with opportunities for transformation through the power of the Gospel. We believe in God’s redemption and mercy.

Obligation – We believe we have an obligation to practice responsible stewardship of all our resources.

Partnerships – We believe in the power of community partnership and collaboration.

Empathy – We believe every human being, regardless of their circumstances, should be treated with empathy, compassion, respect, and dignity.

We offer help & hope to everyone who comes to our door… Hope for a safe place to sleep, hope for a warm meal and hope for a better future as we share the love of Christ with each other.